Partnering Finance

Partnering Finance

We at FODDS Capital understand that timely financial support is key to the growth and continuity of your small or medium sized business. We are positioned to get you through the early stages of your business and support your expansion plans as you grow. With the knowledge that each Nigerian business is unique in its needs and structure, we have various forms of financial support to suit your business needs.

Asset Financing

Equipment, machinery and vehicles are some of the most expensive purchases you will make as a business owner. With Asset Financing, FODDS Capital gives you access to these business assets at an affordable repayment structure, thus shielding your business from working capital and cash flow problems.

Forms of financing include:

  • Equipment Leasing
  • Finance Lease
  • Hire Purchase

Assets financed:

  • Vehicles (Dispatch Bikes, Cars, Mini Buses)
  • Computer Systems and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Power Solutions (Generators etc.)
  • Cooling Units (Freezers, Air conditioners etc.)
  • Office Furniture

Equity Financing

Raise capital for your start-up or expanding business through a trade of partial ownership of equity in your company. Receive cash in exchange of ownership rights in the company, without the hassle of loan repayments and indebtedness. Depending on the value of shares issued, FODDS will buy in to your company and become a silent partner without meddling in the day-to-day affairs of your operations.

Cash Financing

Does your business need quick cash infusion to meet up with cash flow shortages? FODDS Capital is prepared to provide financial assistance to meet up with your obligations to vendors/suppliers, marketing expenditure, inventory stocking as well as contract financing.



“Over 87% of Nigerian businesses are SMEs, but their contribution to the nation’s GDP is below 10%. This low percentage contribution could be attributed amongst others to poor funding”